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The California Inland region of PCA, holds at least one driving event and a social meeting once each month. Attend as many or as few events as you wish. There are also events available through other regions in the area. The annual dues are $42 of which $14 is refunded by the National Club to our region for our news letter.

As a member of PCA you will receive the national monthly magazine, Porsche Panorama, containing technical articles, articles on Porsches in competition, and articles of general interest to all Porsche lovers. The California Inland Region also publishes a monthly newsletter, Winding Roads, which features a calendar of upcoming events, articles on past events, classified ads and items of interest to the local membership. Discounts on parts are available to members at Porsche dealerships and some parts suppliers.

Driving Schools -- These 3-day events take place once or twice a year. They include a classroom session, car control exercises, and an autocross.

Autocrosses -- Timed competitive driving events emphasizing handling and driving skill. Courses are marked with pylons. No passing allowed. Instruction provided at every event.

Time Trials -- Higher speed, timed, competitive events. The next step in the driver training program. Continuous lapping with restricted passing. Instruction provided at every event.

Club Racing -- Wheel to wheel racing for qualified drivers, just like the professionals.

National Rallies -- Time, Speed, Distance Rallies require teams to follow a Course of instructions (some with hidden meanings or codes) to arrive at a designated location at a proper time.

Tours -- Day or longer trips such as wine, photo, poker & other tours, ski trips etc. There is usually a beautiful group of Porsches driving on some really fun back roads.

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