B: How do I join the Porsche Club of America?
A: Go to the National PCA web site and sign up! If you don’t currently own a Porsche, but want to, you can join using the Porsche Quest program.

Q: What activities does the club offer?
A: We have many activities you can participate in. They range from purely social to competitive events. Here is a listing of our calendar of events.

Q: What are the boundaries of the region?
A: To see a Google Map of the CAI region boundaries go to our About page.

Q: The club has an insurance waiver I sign at events with driving involved, does that insurance cover me?
A: No it does not. Insurance purchased by the club is to protect the club and it’s officers from liability. Check with your insurance provider regarding your policy coverage during track or timed events. There is insurance available for track events, see the Panorama magazine for advertisements.

Q: I have children who I would like to bring along or are old enough to drive, can they participate in the driving events?
A: The PCA is a family oriented car club. There is a waiver available that will permit your children to ride in your vehicle during non-competitive events. Minors are also permitted to participate in competitive driving events through the Junior Participation Program (JPP) at the discretion of the event organizer. Contact the event chairperson for questions about specific events. It is best if you bring the completed waiver with you to the event.

Q: Where are the Zone 8 rules for Concours, Rally, Autocross, Drivers Education, and Time Trials located?
A: The rule books are available at the Zone 8 web site.

Q: Can I participate in other Region’s events?
A: Yes. As a member of the PCA you are welcome to participate in any PCA Region event anywhere in the country.

Q: Are there competitive series within PCA?
A: Yes. There is a national racing series called PCA Club Racing. There are also competitive series within Zone 8 for Concours, Rally, Autocross, and Time Trials. Look for Zone 8 events on the calendar. There is also a calendar of national events for the PCA.

Q: I have a technical question about my Porsche, is there a place I can get advice?
A: Come to one of our breakfast meetings in Lancaster or Santa Clarita, contact a board member, or use the PCA Tech Q&A site.

Q: Will autocrossing my Porsche hurt it?
A: No, autocrossing your Porsche will not hurt it if you have taken care of basic vehicle maintenance. In fact your Porsche will probably run better after a day at the track! An autocross, and most Driver Education events, are akin to a spirited day of driving on your favorite twisty road. There will be some tire and brake wear, but you are not thrashing your pride and joy. Events are designed to be safe and fun!

Q: What is driver’s education?
A: Driver’s education, or DE, is when you take your Porsche onto a closed circuit where you do continuous laps as apposed to autocross where you do one lap at a time. Passing is restricted to specific areas of the course and drivers are segregated by experience. Usually rooky drivers are required to have an instructor ride along for the first few sessions. There is no official timing at a DE as it isn’t a competitive event. These are great events to learn the more advanced car control techniques because much more time is spent on the track compared to an autocross.