In 1986 Dave Stringham, a dedicated Porsche Club member, finally got tired of driving to Los Angeles or San Bernardino to attend meetings. After doing a little homework, he decided to start a local region. The minimum number of members necessary was 25. Dave, being very outgoing, would just walk up to a Porsche owner and tell them they were going to become a member. Enough took him seriously and in October 1986 California Inland Region was born. Joining our Zone 8 representative at the festivities were about 90-pecent of the members. It looked like we were off to a good start. Dave also started the newsletter “Inland Rag” which was later renamed Winding Roads. Dave was instrumental in initiating some great events.

A complete list of the officers for our region is available here… Copies of the Region’s newsletter from 1986 onward are available on our Newsletter page. Photos from past events can be viewed in our Facebook photo albums.


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